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Setup a USB printer on the D-Link 2750u

D-Link 2750u ADSL RouterWhen I recently replaced my computer in favor of a laptop, the challenge I had was how to print to my USB printer from anywhere on the network now that sharing via the desktop was no longer an option. Fortunately, the D-Link 2750u has a USB port that can be used for a USB printer or even additional storage.

Install the latest firmware

Log in the D-Link 2750u using default username (admin) and password (admin). Default IP: Ensure that you have the latest firmware installed. You can check the D-Link FTP Site for the latest firmware available.

Login to D-Link 2750u Web Management

If there is an updated firmware version available, download it and install it by selecting Maintenance > Firmware Update

Update firmware on D-Link 2750u ADSL Router

Enable the print server

Browse to Setup > Print Server and select the ‘Enable on-board print server’ checkbox. Enter a name under both ‘Printer name’ and ‘Make and model’ eg. HPLJ/HPLJ then click Save/Apply.

Enable print server on D-Link 2750u

Connect to the printer from your computer

Now it is time to install the printer on your computer. Configure a shared printer and fill in http://[IP Address]/printers/[Printer name]. Ensure that you use the printer name you entered in the previous step.

Connect USB printer D-Link 2750u

Browse to the appropriate printer driver and then print a test page.

That’s it!

Although the solution above works, I found the setup above quite unreliable. I’ve often had to restart the printer and/or router for prints to go through successfully. If you want the ability to print over the network reliably, rather invest in a decent network capable printer.



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