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Setup USB Storage on the D-Link 2750u

D-Link 2750u ADSL RouterFollowing my previous post on setting up USB printing on the D-Link 2750u, you could also use the USB port for additional storage.

Here’s how you can do that…

Install the latest firmware

Log in the D-Link 2750u using default username (admin) and password (admin). Default IP: Ensure that you have the latest firmware installed. You can check theĀ D-Link FTP Site for the latest firmware available.

Login to D-Link 2750u Web Management

If there is an updated firmware version available, download it and install it by selecting Maintenance > Firmware Update

Update firmware on D-Link 2750u ADSL Router

Configure the Storage Service

Browse to Advanced > Storage Service > Storage Device Info

Browse to the D-Link 2750u Storage Service

Information on the external storage device being used will be displayed

Note the Storage Device Information displayed in the D-Link 2750u GUI


Create Storage User Account

Browse to Advanced > Storage Service > User Accounts

Browse to user accounts on the D-Link 2750u

Enter a username and password of your choice then enter the volume name that you saw in the previous step.

Create user account on the D-Link 2750u

After applying, a new storage user account is created

New storage user account on D-Link 2750u

You’re done with configuring the D-Link 2750u router. Now connect from your Windows machine

Map to storage on D-Link 2750u

Enter the username and password you created

Enter user account to map to D-Link 2750u storage

You should now be able to browse the storage device plugged into the USB port of your D-Link 2750u!



  1. I have done as you have pointed. I can log in my hard drive but cant see any of my files on my harddrife. I can put new files on my hard drive. but no existing files

    can you help please

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